• How can I submit my work? Where can I find the regulations?

Please click on "Open for Submissions" on the homepage of the RisingStories official website. For information on the judging panel and related regulations, please refer to the "Rules and Regulations" section on the official website.

  • If I have more than one work under the same registration category (film, drama series, mini-series), can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, we do not limit the number of submissions.

  • Do I need to submit a complete story or script to participate in the competition? 

No, only a concept proposal, story outline, and character design are required for registration.

  • Can I submit an adaptation of my own novel/musical/play or a previous competition entry? 

No, only original and unpublished works are eligible for submission.

  • If I use artificial intelligence software, can it be considered an original work? 

No, current AI software integrates network information and is not considered a completely original work.

  • If I already have a complete work, can I submit it as an attachment? 

No additional work attachments are required for this competition.

  • If I am not sure if I can participate in other activities after being shortlisted, can I still register? 

This year's event will provide the possibility of participating online.

  • What is the reward mechanism for selected works? 

This competition will provide a pre-payment of USD 3,250 for script development, which will be paid after the script development contract is signed.

  • Can I know the content of the contract in advance? 

This is a hatchery-type program, and the cooperation method and period for each work may not be the same, so it cannot be provided in advance.

  • How will the intellectual property rights of the selected work be attributed?

The original creator enjoys moral rights, and the rights to develop subsequent scripts will be subject to contractual agreement.

  • Can I make changes to my submission after submitting it?

Yes, you can edit your submission by logging in with the original Gmail account before the submission deadline.

If there's any question, please email to risingstories2023@gmail.com